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Atlantis Gro-Wall Slim Line Manual

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Atlantis Gro-Wall Slim Line Manual

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6. 6 1. Place geotextile pad into the base of the planter tray. 3. Fill the planter tray with quality soil mix. (Terra-cotta Potting Mix Recommended) 4. Carefully place plants angled towards the opening of the planter tray. 5. Completed planting. Planter trays are now ready to be inserted into the Gro-Wall® SLIM PRO structure. 2. Add soil mix to planter tray. PLANTING

8. ATLANTIS CORPORATION AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Phone: (02) 9417 8344 Fax: (02) 9417 8311 Email: Web: Note: Atlantis products are manufactured from carefully selected recycled materials that meet or exceed Atlantis material specifications and product performance requirements. The strength of the recycled plastic could vary due to raw material composition, country of manufacture, manufacturing process and external conditions. All trademarks and Patents are the property of Astral Property Pty Ltd. Disclaimer: All information provided in this publication is correct to the best knowledge of the company and is given out in good faith. This information is intended only as a general guide, no responsibility can be accepted for any errors, omissions or incorrect assumption. As each project is unique, and as Atlantis Corporation Australia Pty Ltd and its distributors and agents world wide have no direct control over the methods employed by the user in specifying, installing or supervising of its products hence no responsibility is accepted by Atlantis Corporation Australia Pty Ltd and its distributors and agents world wide. Users should satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the product for their purpose. All product designs, and specification are subject to change without further notice. All Atlantis products are tested in approved laboratories, and adequate factors of safety should be practiced in the actual field, to compensate for any unforeseen situations, on site and on products. All material contained within this brochure is subject to copyright, and belongs to Atlantis Corporation Australia Pty Ltd. No part of this brochure may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of Atlantis Corporation Australia Pty Ltd. Copyright @ 2017

3. 3 © 2017 Atlantis Corporation Australia Pty Ltd All Rights Reserved KIT SIZE 408mm Width (16.06”) 165mm Depth (6.5”) 685mm Height (27”) Irrigation Retainer Clip 6 Litre Planter Tray Volume (202.9 oz) Drainage Outlet 408mm (16 1⁄16”) 816mm (32 1⁄8”) 685mm (26 1⁄32”)

5. 5 © 2017 Atlantis Corporation Australia Pty Ltd All Rights Reserved NOTE: Allow for tolerance when constructing large installations. Use a spirit level to install the Gro-Wall® SLIM LINE Structure. INSTALLATION MUST BE LEVEL! Fix rear panels onto wall using included screws, washers and wall plugs. Place the Irrigation retainer over the planter tray irrigation notch. Ensure the clip is facing away from the planter tray. Hook a corner of the planter tray onto the peg. Push the clip down over the planter tray. Place the other corner of the planter tray over the adjacent peg to complete the hang. The clip is now correctly installed. Planter trays hung in position. To easily hang the planter tray onto the system follow these instructions. INSTALLATION OF PANELS INSTALLATION OF IRRIGATION CLIP RETAINERS HANGING PLANTER TRAYS

1. Installation Guide Product Version Document ID Gro-Wall ® SLIM Line GRO-WALL® SLIM LINE MANUAL_6_PLANTER KIT_JUL17 6 PLANTER TRAY KIT © 2017 Atlantis Corporation Australia Pty Ltd All Rights Reserved

7. 7 © 2017 Atlantis Corporation Australia Pty Ltd All Rights Reserved Gro-Wall ® features a built in provision called IPI™ Individual Plant Irrigation. The IPI™ system allows third party irrigation and drip emitters to be installed for each plant within the Gro-Wall® structure. This system enables the caretaker to tailor the watering requirements to suit various environmental conditions, seasonal changes and plant species. Third party irrigation systems are not included in this kit. TYPICAL IRRIGATION SETUP IRRIGATION REQUIREMENTS : 6 Module Vertical, 2 Module Wide • 1 x Roll of Poly irrigation hose 13mm (0.5” ) diameter. • 12 x Drip Emitters (Drip Nozzles) Fixed Flow Rate Maximum 2L/Hr • 2 x Poly end cap connectors • 1 x Poly T (3 way) connectors • 3 x Poly 90 0 angle connectors • 1 x Poly water tap connector • 12 x Hose Clamps (poly or stainless steel) Note: Depending on individual designs, the amount of irrigation requirements can change (end cap connectors, 3 way connectors & elbows) TRADITIONAL IRRIGATION SYSTEM OVERVIEW

4. 4 FIXING: Install 6 screws per panel. GRO-WALL® SLIM LINE dimensions for installation set out. MODULE SIZE & WALL FIXING POSITION 685mm 255mm (10.04”) 255mm (10.04”) 408mm 152.7mm (6”) 152.7mm (6”) 221mm (8.73”) 218.8mm (8.61”) SCREWS PEGS Insert pegs in an upright position Completed peg installation. INSTALLATION OF PLANTER TRAY PEGS


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