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Rain Bird LX IVM-OUT 2-Wire Output Device
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    • Used to control third-party valves with DC latching solenoids

    • Can be used after replacing AC latching solenoids with DC latching solenoids

    • Max combined wire length between IVM-OUT and the solenoid is 48 inches

    Features and Benefits

    • Field Devices are installed along the 2-Wire path to interface with valves and other hardware.

    • Interfaces with LX-IVM to control station valves and master valves

    • Rain Bird WC20 connectors (included with IVMSOL; sold separately) to be used for all splices

    This product can be used in conjunction with the ESP-LXIVM Series Controllers and its respective ESP-LXIVM 2-Wire Field Devices. These devices (sold separately) include the:

    • IVM-SOL: Control station or master valves

    • IVM-OUT: Interfaces with LX-IVM to manage 3rd party valves and external gear such as pump stations

    • IVM-SEN: Interfaces with LX-IVM to control weather sensors or flow sensors

    • IVM-SD: provides surge protection on the 2-Wire path

    Product Details

    IVM-OUT 2-Wire control devices can be used to control valves with DC latching solenoids.

    1. Connect the red and black wires on the IVMOUT to the 2-Wire Path.

    2. Connect the red/white striped wire on the IVM-OUT to the DC latching solenoid red wire.

    3. Connect the black/white striped wire on the IVM-OUT to the DC latching solenoid black wire.

    4. For future troubleshooting or modifications, it is recommended to leave an additional 3 feet (1 meter) of 2-Wire cable stored in each valve box location

    Note: Make sure that the DC latching solenoid is compatible with non Rain Bird valves. Contact the valve manufacturer for more information.

    Maximum combined wire length between IVMOUT and its load (e.g. Solenoid) shall be 48 in. This includes pre-installed IVM-OUT wire (24 in.) and solenoid wires (22 in.). Use only WC20 splice kits for all wiring connections to the 2-Wire Path. Improper wiring can cause serious damage to your controller or irrigation system.