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Orbit B-Hyve Bluetooth Smart Tap Timer
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    Brand :Orbit

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    The B-hyve Bluetooth Hose Faucet Timer converts any of your outdoor faucets into an app controlled water source giving you complete control over your watering right from your smart device! Program your timer with our free Android or iOS B-hyve App, or use your computer with a Wi-Fi connection. Don't have your phone with you? Manual watering available at the press of a button. With B-hyve you no longer need to guess on how much water youre using. Our built-in flow meter lets you know how much water youre using, and how much you need to water your plants, wash your car, or fill your pool. It can even be set to water by volume, not just by time. Waters in seconds making it ideal not just for gardens, but also for hydroponics and greenhouse applications too. If you have multiple B-hyve timers. Add additional smart valves to create multiple watering zones in your yard; these timers will network together to boost the signal strength without the use of repeaters. For Wi-Fi access and smart functions, pair with the B-hyve Hub (sold separately).

    Features and Benefits

    • BLUETOOTH CONTROL Use your mobile devices Bluetooth functionality to control and program your B-hyve from within its Bluetooth signal range of up to 150 feet. The B-hyve app works on both Android and iOS devices. You can program your timer through the
    • EASY WI-FI UPGRADE To control your B-hyve with your phone via Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth, pair with the B-hyve Hub (sold separately). This also allows you to run Smart Watering, which uses site conditions and live weather feeds to automatically adjust y
    • KNOW THE FLOW Your B-hyves built-in flow meter allows you to track water usage, and can be measured by volume (gallons) or by time. This makes your timer perfect for all kinds of applications, including watering your plants, gardening, washing your car,
    • MULTIPLE USES Ideal for gardens, hydroponics, greenhouses and more!
    • QUICK SETUP One-touch manual watering at the timer for instant faucet use at any time.
    • EXPANDABLE SYSTEM - Add additional smart timers to create multiple watering zones in your yard (Sold Separately).
    • EASY TO INSTALL AND USE Setup is very straightforward and simple. Just download the B-hyve app and create an account, then install your timer at your hose faucet, then program your timer in minutes.
    • DURABILITY Your B-hyve is made to last, with a weatherproof and leak-free design that ensures timer performance and keeps the two AA batteries (not included) safe from the elements.
    • SEAMLESS INTERGRATION The timer works with other B-hyve devices like the B-hyve Smart Wi-Fi Sprinkler Timer and more.
    • SAVINGS Use your B-hyve to save yourself water, time, and money.