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Lawnhub Ultimate Renovation Pack 400m2
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    The ULTIMATE RENOVATION PACK has been put together with products used on premium sports fields around the world, to ensure your lawn is weed and grub free all season long!

    The pack contains the following products

    • Trojan Lawn Fertiliser 25-0-10 + 2.5%FE
    • Roots N Shoots Lawn Fertiliser 1L
    • Wet Liquid Wetting Agent 1L
    • Spartan Herbicide 500ml
    • Acelepryn Insecticide 100ml

    Combined, these products will ensure your lawn is weed and grub free, whilst also looking the best on the street.

    The Method

    1-2 weeks out from your renovation, tank mix Wet, Spartan and Acelepryn at the recommended rate for your lawn area. Irrigate immediately after application with 10mm of water. Do not mow for at least 24 hours after application.

    On the day of your renovation apply Trojan as your last step before watering the lawn with at least 10mm of water. For example, after you have scalped, scarified, cored and top dressed the lawn, it is now time to apply Trojan.

    Once you start to see the lawn recover with new green shoots, apply Roots n Shoots as a foliar application over the entire lawn at the recommended rate for your area. This may take up to 2 weeks depending on weather conditions.

    This pack is not designed for new lawns or if you are overseeding an existing lawn.

    Product Information

    Lawnhub Trojan is a custom blended professional quality granular slow release fertiliser.

    This is exactly the type of product the top golf course superintendents of Australia choose.

    The recommended application is 2.5kg/100m². Trojan will continue to feed your lawn for up to 12 weeks.

    This product is perfect for the home lawn fanatic. 

    ROOTS N SHOOTS can be used as a soil or foliar applied supplement in a regular nutrition program for turf. Multiple applications may be needed throughout the season especially during periods of stress. The application rate may need to be varied with changes in turf variety and use.

    ROOTS N SHOOTS is a product that contains a powerful concentration of kelp for the promotion of root and shoot development. This highly concentrated liquid BULL KELP combined with slow release nitrogen in a DiMethylene Urea (DMU) form increases leaf adheration and uptake, also decreases leaching from soil. When combined with a standard fertilizer regime, significant plant growth advantages are obtainable.

    Mix 60-100mL of ROOTS N SHOOTS with between 6-10L of water/100m² of actively growing lawn and apply during early morning or late afternoon to reduce evaporation. Do not spray when windy.

    Lawnhub WET is used to improve the retention and distribution of moisture in fine cut turf surfaces.

    Professional turf managers apply products like WET during Spring and Summer to give their lawn the best chance of being perfect.

    • WET's specialty non-ionic surfactant formulation improves moisture retention
    • Lasts up to 3 months
    • Encourages more even growth
    • Exceptional turf safety due to non-burn formulation

    Spartan Herbicide is a pre-emergent herbicide that can be used as an effective tool to help Turf Managers control annual weeds (Summer & Winter).

    Spartan Herbicide selectivity is primarily through soil profile placement. Small-seeded plants take up greater amounts of the herbicide as they germinate in the soil profile zone of herbicide placement. Warm Season grasses can be less prone to root inhibition due to the fact they have a multiple fibrous root system, hence good even coverage and incorporation is required to ensure the weeds cannot recover by establishing roots outside the zone of herbicide activity.

    Application should be prior to germination of the weeds.

    Poison Schedule - Non Scheduled (Unscheduled)

    Features and Benefits

    • Effective against all major annual grass weeds in turf during summer and winter
    • Season-long control of annual weeds
    • Reduces future weed set and germination
    • Reduces the reliance on costly selective post-emergent herbicides
    • Unscheduled (exempt from poison scheduling)
    • Low odour formulation
    • Minimises nutrient and sunlight competition from annual grasses
    • Application compatibility with wetting agents
    • Low odour formulation
    • Economical solution for your main annual weed problems including African Lovegrass, Parramatta Grass, Summer Grass, Crab Grass, Crowsfoot Grass and Winter Grass
    • Flexibility to delay wash-in for a few days if necessary

    Acelepryn provides safe and effective control of a wide range of turf damaging insects while also minimising the impact on the environment. Truly selective, new generation chemistry designed for optimum impact on pest insect populations with greatly reduced impact to the user, the environment and beneficial non-target organisms such as bees and earthworms. Acelepryn controls a wide range of turf pests such as African Black Beetle, Argentine Stem Weevil, Argentinian Scarab, Billbugs, Cutworm, Armyworm and Webworm with a single application.

    Acelepryn delivers excellent preventative performance, with optimal results achieved when applied early in the season (mid September) at the appearance of over wintering adults. Curative control with Acelepryn later in the season (mid December onwards) can be achieved using the higher application rate.

    Please note the Syngenta website suggests it is safe to tank mix these products together as the active in Barricade is the same as Spartan.

    *Tank mixing of ACELEPRYN and BARRICADE means one application, saving time, money and irrigation. This tank mix will provide season long control of annual grass weeds and grubs. Importantly these controls are both exempt from poison scheduling which reduces worker risk and disruption to the end-users.*