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Lawnhub Threeway 15:4:8 + Trace Elements 1L Lawn Fertiliser
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    Brand :Lawnhub

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    Threeway is a product we developed in conjunction with our good friend Simon Rice. LawnHub has come up with an ideal NPK formulation with the added benefit of trace elements that is perfect for use as a maintenance fertiliser. Threeway looks beyond aesthetics and delivers exactly what the lawn needs to be as healthy as possible.

    There are three great things about Threeway.

    1. It can be applied a foliar fertiliser or a soil drench. 

    2. The Nitrogen component is 50% Methylene Urea and is controlled release for up to 8 weeks.

    3. The trace elements are in EDTA chelated form. This is an extremely stable form and optimized for uptake through leaves and roots.

    If you are using this product as a foliar fertiliser, ensure sufficient soil moisture levels and simply mix 200ml with 10L of water and spray on the leaf of the grass. This mix will cover 100m2. If applying as a foliar fertiliser, make sure you delay mowing for at least 24 hours post application.

    If you choose to use as a drench fertiliser, mix 800ml with 20L of water apply to the lawn and water in well.

     Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is this suitable for all turf varieties?

    A: Yes

    Lawnhub Threeway SDS