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Lawnhub Spray Pack
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    Brand :Lawnhub

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    The Spray Pack is our collection for those of you with spray packs.

    The pack includes The Spray Pack is our collection for those of you with spraying equipment.

    The pack includes ROOTS N SHOOTS, WET, MONEY SHOT and THREEWAY

    Spray Pack is suitable for use year round. 

    We recommend using ROOTS AND SHOOTS monthly all year round at the low end of the recommended rate, to keep a balanced amount of beneficial soil supplement available to our lawns. 

    WET is recommended for use between September and February every 10-12 weeks, although it is also beneficial to apply in April and August as your soil may still be hydrophobic after periods of dry weather (especially warmer climates during winter).

    THREEWAY is our most versatile fertiliser that can be used as either a soil drench or as  foliar uptake. The trace elements are in EDTA chelated form, meaning they are readily available for uptake and in their most stable form. This will last 8 weeks in optimal conditions.

    MONEY SHOT is our answer to a dull looking lawn, apply 1 week before events or desired green up is required. The product is designed for rapid colour response or to rectify deficiencies and can be noticed within 4-6 hours on a healthy lawn. 

    We suggest that while ROOTS AND SHOOTS, THREEWAY and MONEY SHOT may all be tank mixed these products also may have increased efficacy on their own. Always test the products you are mixing in a jar with the correct ratio of water.